Forest Walk

It was nice and sunny weather we decided to take children for a forest walk. Like any forest walk we talked about the safety rules and got ready by drinking water, going to wharepaku (toilet) and putting on sunscreen. This time we decided to have picnic in the forest. I could see all the excitement on the children’s face when kaiako Bharti said we going to have picnic in the forest.

Tamariki put their lunch boxes in their bags, put their walking shoes and hats on and we were all ready to go. As soon as we reached the forest, children ran towards the big tree and climbed the lower branches, they were reminded of the safety measures when climbing up and down the tree. What fun they had climbing!

Some tamariki decided to run around in the open field. Soon the tamariki wanted to go to the grass slope for climbing and sliding. I must say all the children had heaps of fun at the grass slope. Climbing and sliding down the slope became children’s favourite thing to do at the forest. After all the running, jumping, and walking up the hill we were all tired and hungry. We sat down for a rest and then we had picnic.

It was time to go back to the centre but we all hoped if we could stay bit longer. What an awesome time we all had, hope we could go back to the forest soon.

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