Holi celebration continues….

Today, we finished off our Holi celebration by playing with the bunch of colors and making sweets with kaiako Zoya. Our children had enjoyed Holi festival while playing with their water guns which they filled with different colors and sprinkled water on each other. Children also applied colors on each others face and along with the tamarikis our kaiakos also applied colors on each other face which signifies equality. There is no doubt in saying that all of us here are from different cultures , religions ,following different norms but such celebrations help us in binding together and we come to know about each others celebrations. Continuing further with celebrations, our children danced a lot on the Holi songs, which was like icing on the cake.

Tamariki developed strong foundations in both the culture and language/s of their family and of the broader community without compromising their cultural identities. Each child’s learning and development outcomes in relation to their identity, connection to the community, wellbeing and confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators. 

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