Holi-The festival of Colours

This morning our tamariki were interested in doing painting looking at their interest i put up the provocation with white paper and colours on the deck under the tree.

As Holi is approaching this is an Indian festival of colours . I thought it will be a good opportunity for tamariki’s to experience the other cultural learning through the colours Celebrating Festivals from other countries is a a great way to connect to that culture and learn about new things!

Seeing the provocations outdoors, tamariki’s were drawn towards this learning opportunity. Tamariki excitedly dipped their palm’s into the paints and put their impressions on the white paper. They chose the colours they liked and enjoyed mixing them.

Tamariki enjoyed this learning opportunity of mixing colours. They were able to recognize the process of changing of colours by mixing them .

It was pleasure a to watch tamariki’ discover different ways to be creative and were able to express their feelings and ideas using materials and modes. Tamariki gained the understanding and became familiar with the Indian culture and expanded their knowledge about the festival of colours. They are celebrating Holi in the most colorful way .

March 9th, 2020. Kaiako: Raj

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