Mt Royal – Online Learning Experience 02 April 2020

Kia Ora Parents, Caregivers and Whanau of the Mt. Royal community,

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to all the Whanau and tamariki for participating and taking part in the Mt Royal Online Learning Experience.

We would like to acknowledge the whanau for encouraging the tamariki to be part of this e-learning experience and we know that without your continuous support and help, this project would not be successful. So, thank all of you so very much!!

I hope the tamariki have enjoyed the YouTube clip on “Germs! Germs! Germs” and they managed to learn something from it, especially since it is the major issue regarding the current circumstances that we face as a country today.

For tomorrow’s session (03.04.2020), the tamariki will bring in their drawing of the “Life Cycle of a Butterfly” as a follow up learning after reading “The Very Hunger Caterpillar” in today’s session.
In tomorrow’s session, we will see everyone’s creations and will continue with songs and readings by Kaiako.

Please don’t forget to bring the following for an exciting juicy Fruit Kebab session tomorrow:

  • Any different types of fruit (eg: apples, banana, grapes)
  • Skewer, a fork or toothpicks
  • Butter knife to cut the fruit
  • The fruit will be cut during the online session – please do not pre-cut the same

If you do not have any fruit at home, please do not stress. Keep paper and coloured crayons handy. The children can just draw their favourite fruits and create their fruit kebab on paper.

Please remember to keep all your artwork together and dated. We will collect them and combine into a form of art book for each child after we get back to normalcy.

Should you have any ideas, suggestions or changes towards our online learning experience, please do not hesitate to give us a shout. Any feedback is highly appreciated, and we will take your comments, suggestions and try to get the most for our children (tamariki) and whanau.

We all are looking forward to see you all at 3PM tomorrow!

Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page and the Website for lots of other information.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and within your bubble.

Take care everyone! 😊 Kia Kaha! 😊

The Mt Royal Team

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