Mt Royal – Online Learning Experience 13May20

Kia Ora & Hello to the Parents and Whanau

As you all are informed that Level 2 will be effective from Thursday 14th May. We at your Mt Royal Early Learning Centre look forward to seeing all our tamariki on Monday 18th of May. Please contact Kavita and keep in touch.

Please do read Kavita’s email which is on Educa for further updates.

It was so nice to see some of our tamariki at our fun, hands-on and exciting E-Learning session today. We all took part in “Salt Painting” and it was amazing to see our tamariki with their mind-blowing imagination and how they made their own crafts from what they thought of.

Our arts and crafts learning experiences are designed for tamariki, whanau and Kaiako in mind. This session was the combination of science and art, but what is science?

As we know, salt is a useful product which can absorb moisture from the environment. It’s ability to absorb water is what makes it perfect for allowing the colour to move along the trail. Salt absorbs both liquid (water) and vapour present in the air.

For tomorrow’s session, we have another fun and an engaging learning experience: we will be doing “Thumb Painting”. Please arrange the following items.


Please do let us know regarding any ideas or feedback that you have regarding our online sessions. We would love to know all your feedback and thoughts regarding what we are doing in these online sessions. Any feedback at all will be taken into consideration and held close to heart as we care for you and your children / tamariki.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and on our Website and Educa for regular updates! And any news we might have.

Parents can share the artwork of your child either by uploading photos through Educa or the email.

Take care and continue to remain safe !! Please continue to keep in touch with the Centre, your mates and the family.


Centre Director
Mt Royal Early Learning Centre
88 Mt Royal Avenue
Mt Albert, Auckland

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