Mt Royal – Online Learning Experience 15Apr20

Kia Ora Parents, Caregivers and Whanau of the Mt. Royal community,

We had an awesome session today with all of you. It was a pleasure to see you all happy and safe at your homes with your family and taking part in the Mt Royal Online Learning Experience.

Magic!! Magic!!

We hope the children enjoyed the “Colourful magic trick with paper towels”. We could see all the children actively taking part in this learning experience. It was attention-grabbing to see all the tamariki drawing beautiful pictures on the paper towel with their coloured pens and enjoying the magic after dipping their drawings into the tub of water.

It was delightful to see all the children making their Paper Airplanes and looking forward to fly them in their backyards. This also expressed how much our children are missing the planes in the sky :(.

We would like to advise parents about the initiative taken by our government keeping in mind the children’s education. They are going to broadcast around 300 hours of educational content over the next ten weeks. The program will run from 9am to 3pm on school days. It is free to air, being broadcasted on channel TVNZ 2+1, on TVNZ On demand as well as on SKY Channel 502. For more information go to:

We would like to thank all the parents who are taking their time out from their busy schedules and cooperating with us on these E-learning experiences.

For tomorrow’s session we are going to make the “OCTOPUS” or we can call it the “SOCTOPUS” as we are going to make it with the sock. We require a couple of things stated below:

  • One sock
  • One  Rubber band
  • Paper (for making eyes and nose)
  • Cotton wool (for filling up the sock)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Please don’t worry if cotton is not available. We can use newspapers or old rags/clothes for filling up the sock.

A friendly reminder to keep the artwork of your child and bring it to the Centre after the end of lockdown. You could also click a picture and send it to us with your child’s voice in it.

Should you have any ideas, suggestions or changes towards our online learning experience, please do not hesitate to give us a shout. Any feedback is highly appreciated, and we will take your comments, suggestions and try to get the most for our children (tamariki) and whanau.

We are looking forward to seeing you ALL at 3PM tomorrow! Parents that are having difficulty connecting, please call, email, text or WhatsApp and we will try to resolve your problem. Please remain connected.

Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page and the Website for lots of other information.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay Warm.

Take care everyone! 

Sock Octopus | Diy crafts for adults, Easy crafts for kids ...
Octopus Craft |

From the Mt Royal Team

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