Mt Royal Supermarket (Pretendplay)

Our tamariki have recently been very interested in pretend play/ dramatic play especially the shopping game.

This let kaiako to set up provocation to allow for this interest to continue. After discussions, it was decided that the tamariki wanted supermarket and yes we did put up a fruit and vegge supermarket.

Tamariki found this very interesting as they could go shopping with their friends and engage in buying and selling, turn-taking and working out the cost of their pretend produce as well. With the help of the tamariki, kaiako also made paper money which helped them recognise numbers and cost of the product developing the early mathematical skill.

Imaginative play is important for the development of young children’s cognitive and social skills. We could see tamariki using many descriptive words while buying and selling things as well.

Anyone would like to buy any fruits and vegetables from our supermarket?

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