Nature-Bugs and Insects

D found a leaf outside while she was playing. She kept it in her hand nice and safe the whole time she was outside. D came inside to show me her precious leaf that she found. She told me it came from the tall tree outside and it was lying in the sandpit.  D played for a little while and then she decided to keep it in our nature corner. “Bharti, I want to put it here,” said D showing me the nature corner. I told her that it’s a very good idea. While she was putting the leaf, her attention went towards the magnifying glass and I could see that she was very keen to explore the natural resources. “This shell looks big,” explained D  when she saw through the magnifying glass. Let’s explore some more D and see what else looks big under this magnifying glass. She was at nature corner for a long time telling me the things that she can see. Soon more friends joined D and I could see her excitement increased and lots of conversations started among them.

D experienced an environment where her play was valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play was recognised. D’s exploration started with a little leaf and developed into a very interesting and meaningful experience for her as well as other children.

D  to support you in the interest of natural resources, I will have them available for revisit.


Snake house

T and A started with the interest of bugs and insects and today they decided to make the snake house. They got the rocks and lined them up and then T shared his idea with A, “I think the snake will escape, let’s put the rocks around.” I could see the boys working as a team and they discussed how the snake house should look like. Soon the snake house was made and they played with the bugs and snakes for a long time. In order for them to continue with this interest, I make the bugs and insects’ corner for the children to have longer time and space. It was amazing to see how the children kept spending lots of time at the bugs and insects corner everyday talking and sharing ideas.

T developed range of strategies for reasoning and problem solving. A showed ways to be creative and expressive while learning with and alongside others.

T’s grandma shared that T is doing so well and sharing lots of things at home as well.

A granddad showed proudness towards A’s creativity and ways he learns alongside his friends.







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