Ni Sa Bula

This week has been Fiji Language Week and we have been celebrating the indigenous language of Fiji through learning Fiji words, song, participating in Meke or dance, making Fijian flags and drawing Fiji Tapa designs. The children really enjoyed learning about the Fiji language and its culture.

Participating in Meke or Fijian Dance Together
Drawing Fiji Tapa Designs

Schema are described as urges or natural repetitive actions of children that allow them to explore and engage with their environment. Our youngest tamariki has been enjoying exploring our outside area. Through play tamariki display natural, uncontainable and totally essential schema that are an important part of a child’s development. One of the natural urges or schema that our kaiako have noticed is posting.

Here we see child D exploring his surroundings by putting bark into the pin wheel. Through this activity our tamariki was experimenting with fitting things inside objects. Through picking up bark and posting it inside the pin wheel, he was exploring concepts such as fitting and insideness. Tu Meke!

Vanuinui Vinaka ki na siga  ni kua. (Have a nice day).

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