Our Program:

At Mt Royal ELC we aim to promote the learning and development of all children by providing a planned program of play based learning activities. We have a strong focus on promoting the development of early literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge. A wide range of equipment and resources are provided both indoors and outdoors and children are encouraged to make choices about where, when and who they play with. Children are invited to participate in activities and to share their ideas, passions and interests with others.

Our qualified and experienced teachers observe and assess children on a regular basis and this information is used to inform plans for the daily program. Individual learning and development records are kept for all children and these will be shared with you. Children, parents and whanau are included in decision making and planning for learning. Please feel free to read your child’s personal portfolio at any time.

Our program includes opportunities for children to participate in individual, small group and some times large group learning activities which aim to build children’s cognitive, social, cultural and physical skills, knowledge and understandings of the world. Excursions into the wider community are planned regularly to maintain children’s connections with their local community and areas of interest.