Our updated Philosophy

Mt Royal Early Learning Centre

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
(Benjamin Franklin)

We the team at Mt Royal believe that our tamariki/children are capable, competent learners who make their own learning choices, problem solve, risk take, observe and explore at their own pace. Their learning is guided and enhanced by each other, the kaiako (teachers), families, whānau and the physical environment at our centre.
We use Te Whāriki as our guiding curriculum valuing working theories and dispositions as learning outcomes for the Tamariki.
Ako/Learning and curriculum:

We believe that learning occurs in a setting that fosters meaningful and respectful interactions between our tamariki/children, kaiako (teachers) families, whānau and papatūānuku (mother earth). Co-designing learning pathways – This allows kaiako, tamariki/children, families and whānau to develop safe, interesting, fun and challenging early learning experiences that reflect the diversity and contribution of the entire centre community

Tuakana and teina:
Our mixed aged setting provides a safe and supported environment for our tamariki/children to learn and practice resilience, social skills and problem solving. Embracing a mixed age setting we foster strong respectful and safe relationships between tuakana and teina (older and younger / more experienced and less experienced children). As a result, rangatiratanga (the right to exercise autonomy, ownership, and authority) is thriving within our centre!

A natural outdoors environment that provides opportunities to embrace, care for and support Papatūānuku (mother earth). Through their exploration of our natural outdoor environment, Mt Royal tamariki/children embark on unhurried experiences to develop aroha, respect and empathy for the earth and to foster a deep and spiritual connection to their land (Wairuatanga). This connection leads to an understanding of how to care for Papatūānuku. We foster our early leaners to be advocates and guardians (Kaitiakitanga) for her and her children, all creatures big and small.
Nga Hononga and Taha whānau (relationships and family health)
Tamariki learn and grow by building safe, responsive and cooperative relationships with people, places and things. Through this process of collaboration our tamariki/children develop the ownership, power and control from their early years and they will also feel that their contributions are trusted and valued. We believe in the uniqueness of every culture within the centre, working collaboratively with parents and whānau to support aspirations and values. Mt Royal recognises our role in creating a culture of healthy eating and helping our tamariki/children/ to develop healthy (nutritional and emotional) eating behaviours for life. Developing and maintaining strong connections between families and whānau and Mt Royal, showing tamariki/children that they belong here, their families and whānau belong here and we are their home away from home.

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