Parent Responsibilities:

At Mt Royal ELC we value our relationships with parents and whanau. Your family’s aspirations for your child are paramount, and we aim to work towards achieving these in conjunction with our Centre philosophy and curriculum goals.

Parent information and education evenings are planned throughout the year and also social family gatherings so that you can begin to build relationships with other families and your child’s friends in the Centre.

Settling into the Centre:

How a child settles in an early childhood Centre is an individual process, and will vary for all children. Some children settle quickly and with little fuss, while others require more support over a long period of time. If you are concerned that your child is not settling, or you are finding this process difficult please talk to a staff member as we may be able to offer some strategies and more support.

As the main caregiver for your child, you will know your child best and how they prefer to be comforted during times of stress or discomfort. We aim to work in partnership with parents and whanau to establish settling routines that ensure your child’s physical and emotional needs are met.

When settling your child we recommend the following:
Before your child first starts at the Centre, you may choose to visit with them as much as you like. We recommend that you visit with your child at least two times so that they can become familiar with the people, environment and routines.

  • Establish a routine for arrival and departure from the beginning. Talk to your child about coming to the Centre before you get here. When you arrive at the Centre, help your child to put their bag away, put their lunch box in the fridge and then choose an activity they would like to do. Some parents find it helpful to spend a little time with their child in the Centre before leaving, while others find it easier to leave fairly quickly.
  • Please do not ever sneak away without saying good bye. Although this may seem easier for you and your child at first, your child may lose trust in you and can eventually become more clingy and upset as they will anticipate that you are going to disappear.
  • Your child may like to bring an item from home that provides them with comfort e.g. a blanket or soft toy.
  • Do talk to us about your preferences for settling your child. Some children enjoy a hug with a staff member, while others like to wave to you through the windows.
  • Call us soon after leaving the Centre if you want to check that your child is ok. We will always be honest about this, and are happy to let your child speak to you on the phone if this does not upset them.

Please be reassured, we are experienced at settling and supporting parents and children through separation in the Centre. Your child’s emotional well being is critical, and we will always provide the comfort and support that is best for you and your child.