Planting Carrots

Tamariki helped plant carrots seeds in the yogurt container and they were very responsible to take care of the plants. Tamariki even reminded the kaiako to help them water the plants. Once the carrot shoots had come out and were ready to be re-potted, it was pleasing to note that all tamariki were keen to help in that process as well.

Tamariki had heaps of conversation regarding the plants they had planted in the garden. They would share their observations with each other such as the green leaves they saw. Some of the children were wondered why they were not able to see any carrots. Children were reminded that carrots must be growing underground, and they will only see the carrots once we will pull it out off the ground. After several months we were ready to pull our carrots out and the moment of truth the tamariki was eagerly waiting for. All the children yelled out in great excitement, “look yummy baby carrots. They were hiding in the ground.” Yes, the carrots indeed grow underground, I added.

When we brought our carrots inside to have a closer look, tamariki decided to express their observations on the paper. I was impressed to see tamariki selecting the right colours to draw the carrots. They chose orange for carrots and green for carrot tops. We even got to taste the yummy and crunchy carrots from our garden.

Tamariki also learnt about the life cycle of the plants and gained a hands-on experience about plants.

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