Tongan Language Week

Malo e lelei,

The theme for Uike ‘O E Lea Tonga/ Tongan Language Week 2019 is Fakakoloa ‘O Aotearoa ‘Aki’A E Tauhi Fonua, A Tongan Perspective of Enriching Aotearoa , New Zealand. The children have been celebrating Tongan Culture and Language through learning and participating in Tongan song, dance, words and phrases. Children also made Tongan flags and drew Tongan patterns. To end our celebrations on Friday one of our Tongan families performed a traditional Tongan dance. It was lovely to watch the Tongan dance and hear from Masei’s grandma talk about how she made the Tongan costume from shells, feathers, and handwoven pandanus leaves that her granddaughter had performed in. It was also lots of fun for the children, teachers and families to dance together and learn some Tongan dance movements.

Lydia’s grandmother also made Faikakai Topai or Sweet Dumplings, a Tongan delicacy that the children enjoyed for their lunch.

Malo aupito Family for the support! Ofa Lahi Atu.

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