Glimpse of Celebrating Samoan Week

Kia Ora Parents, Whanau and Caregivers,

It has been raining since morning so our tamariki could not get the opportunity to explore in our outside environment. But, they had spent their lovely day while making learning experiences inside.

Samoan Language Week has commenced today. So, for the full week we will encourage our tamariki to gain learning experiences signifying the Samoan Culture.

We all know Samoa Language Week is organised by the Ministry for Pacific People to maintain and promote the language and culture of Samoa. Samoa is the second most spoken language in some city of Auckland  and the third most spoken language across New Zealand.

Samoa Language Week celebrates the identity, language, and culture of students from Samoa and students whose families are from Samoa; supporting this group of learners to engage and achieve success. This special week helps all New Zealanders journey towards shared cultural understandings.

Today, our tamariki made Tapa Designs on paper and also did Samoan Counting during our mat time. They were also shown the stories via videos signifying the identity, language and culture of Samoa. It was nice to see the level of concentration our children were paying to the videos shown. Apart from this, they had also enjoyed the magnetic stories told to them in an interesting way. Kai Pai tamariki!!!

Samoa Language Week supports the curriculum principles of cultural diversity and inclusion, and provides an opportunity for students to explore the values of diversity and respect. Tamariki who learn about the language and culture of Samoa can make use of key competencies and achieve learning outcomes described in the learning languages learning area.

Magnetic stories improves tamariki level of understanding. They develop their sense of Exploration and Communication.

Kindly be reminded that any person (staff, child, parent/caregiver or any visitor) who has flu-like symptoms must not enter the premises. The Director-General of Health has indicated these are symptoms such as sore throat, cough, sneezing, blocked ears, head cold, fever or body aches.

Take care and continue to remain safe !!

Kavita and the Team at Mt Royal

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