Worm Farm

These days tamariki have been showing lots of interest in earthworms so we thought it would be a great idea to extend on their learning experiences.

This week our centre manager brought tiger worms into the centre to do warm farming. The children examined the slippery, slimy earthworms up close. After looking at our warms closely, we went outside to set up our worm farm. We first cleaned our worm farm container. Then we put a layer of damp newspaper and children squashed the soil into the worm farm container. I explained to the children that we needed to press it in firmly so we could see what happens in the future. We then put worms into their new home.
It’s been fabulous to see children so engaged in the process. The compost bin is assisting us to reduce the waste that is not able to go in the worm farm.
The new worm farm is not the only way the centre actively participates in caring for the environment. We also promote sustainable practices through educating and working with the children, families and wider community.

We love being able to include sustainable practices in the centre’s everyday routine so children can participate and work collaboratively with their peers alongside kaiako.


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