Le Siva Samoa a Tamaiti

Talaofa lava,

Today tamaiti were excited to put on the hula skirt and flower ula (necklace) and join in dancing to a few Samoan songs. “Shari, can you help me” one of the children asked holding up the hula skirt. After I helped put on the hula skirt she happily joined in the siva (dancing). I noticed she was observing her friends and myself swaying and moving our arms and hands to the rhythm of the music. Soon she was also confidently moving and swaying her hips, arms and hands to the music. Manaia tele lou siva! What a great dancer you are.

Listening to music and dancing is a creative experience which involves our expression of feelings. It is great to see tamaiti enjoy dancing with their Mt Royal aiga. I also thought that they used their arms and body to show their appreciation for the beauty of the Samoan music and dance. I will continue to provide opportunities for dancing and sharing with tamaiti my Samoan culture. Perhaps our tamaiti might like to share with their Mt Royal aiga some songs and dance that they enjoy from home.

The tamaiti enjoyed dancing inside and their interest in siva continued outside.

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