Love this Centre

I stared sending my daughter to this center when she is 2 years old. All teachers are very caring and motivate children according to their interests. I like the way, they encourage parents to participate with our child in multi-cultural activities.

I really appreciate the concept of teaching to all age group children about nature and keep our country clean by letting them know which items goes into rubbish and which things goes into recycle.

I like the idea of putting the name boards when they are in, it really helped my daughter to get ready quick (as she can have an opportunity to choose the place where she wanted to place her name on board), so that we can reach the center on time with no hurry.

Personally I have seen great changes in these two years in terms of  educating my child to interact with other people as she was very shy to talk. My daughter really enjoys a lot to stay at the center all the time. She doesn’t want Saturday and Sundays to come as she love the center a lot.

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