Walking around our community and up to the mountain

This week our Tamariki and kaiako have been on a few walks. During our walk around the community, we spotted a police car and a policeman. Tamariki also picked flowers and talked about how beautiful the different houses are.

On another occasion, we walked up to the Owairaka Summit. Before embarking upon our walk up to the mountain we talked about looking for spiders and bugs. The children have been really interested in looking for bugs and spotting spiders and spider webs around the centre. When the children walked up to the mountain they collected lots of treasures to bring back to the centre, such as lavender flowers, big leaves and different size sticks. Tamariki also had a spider hunt. Unfortunately, we did not see any spiders but we did see lots of spider webs. Tamariki also had fun participating in a sack race on the big open field. Tamariki did so well climbing up to the mountain and back and really enjoyed climbing up the trees too. A big thankyou to Cini, Riddhi’s mum for being a wonderful parent helper on our walk. Ka pai tamariki! It was a fun walk and we all got lots of exercises too!

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